Travel Business Don’t Invest in Digital Transformation Much


Digital technology has completely changed the tourism industry. Despite that, however, only 25% of tourism companies invest in digital transformation, as if the decision-makers fail to face this major challenge.

Recently, Adyen, the payment platform for many companies across the world, interviewed 454 decision-makers in the tourism industry and 5950 consumers in 12 countries and the result is more than worrying.

Faced with digital innovation, which is spreading like wildfire without anything to stop it, companies in the sector didn’t seem more open to investing to carry out their digital transformation.

According to the study, only 25% of those surveyed say they have put concrete digital transformation strategies in place, a particularly worrying figure.

What is worse, only 12% of companies in the sector consider themselves to be at the forefront of digital technologies, while meanwhile Booking, Airbnb and even Google are investing billions in innovation and data collection.

The technology has matured and transformation can be done at a lower cost. The most important thing is not to do a 180-degree turn, but to conduct a multi-channel and contextual shopping experience.

Faced with the challenge of digital visibility, social networks represent a good alternative, as with personalization, to improve loyalty.

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