The UK Film-related Inbound Tourism Sector Growth


Why do people decide to visit the UK? Is it to see the landmarks such as Big Ben and Buckingham Palace etc? What about to attend the world-renowned events such as the Edinburgh Festival or Glastonbury?

Both of these reasons attract 100s of thousands of tourists every year, but there’s another less well-known reason which is doing a great job of attracting visitors, and it’s called screen tourism.

This terms relates to the act of going out and visiting the sets and locations used in some of the pop culture’s most famous films and TV shows. And it’s turning out to be a very lucrative stream of tourist revenue.

The latest figures estimate that inbound tourists spent just under £600 million in film-related tourism, with popular destinations associated with TV shows seeing substantial increases in visitor numbers.

Travelzoo, a global publisher of exclusive offers and experiences for members, has compiled research into screen tourism and the impact that film- and television-related tourism is having on the UK’s economy and communities.

They’ve compiled the highlights of this information into an infographic which you can take a look at below.


UK screen tourism in numbers
Provided by TravelZoo

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