Marine Waste from Tourists Left on Spanish Beaches


It is estimated that 26% of the marine waste and debris found on the Spanish coast comes from tourist activities taking place in the beaches, according to data from the last report of the Marine Debris Monitoring Program in Beaches, prepared by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition (MITECO).

Plastics, which are already 71.5% of the total waste found, are among the most frequent objects on Spanish beaches.

The General Directorate of Sustainability of the Coast and Sea of MITECO proposed strategies, which were addressed to representatives of the tourism industry and local administrations.

Some of the initiatives that are already in motion are the One Planet Sustainable Tourism Program, promoted by the World Tourism Organization (WTO); or the BlueMed initiative, which promotes blue economy in the Mediterranean basin through research and innovation.

At present, the Biodiversity Foundation of the MITECO manages the Life Intemares project, which expects to achieve effective and integrated management of marine spaces that make up the Natura 2000 thanks to the decision-making process in which all of the involved sectors and industries participate, using scientific research as the main tool.

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